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Rage Room Safety

  Please make yourself and your group aware of our Rules and Regulations

  1. Before entering Rage Room you must first sign our waiver.

  2. Do not enter the Rage Room if you are not physically capable of participating in the activities.

  3. Always wear appropriate gear when inside of the Rage Room.

  4. No Food, Drinks or Gum inside the Rage Room.

  5. Please no horse-playing in our facility at all.

    1. Do not pretend fight with others.​

    2. No running.

  6. If you intentionally try to hurt someone or any of our property you will be asked to leave without refund.

  7. Please keep a maximum of two people at a time hitting one object, the others should stand back to give enough swinging space.

  8. If there are too many broken items in your way, please let us know and someone will be there to clean it up for you.

  9. Once you are completed, please shake off all your clothes to ensure all debris is off. Leave all your safety equipment and weapon inside the Rage Room for us to clean and collect.

  10. Participants should arrive 15 min early to their scheduled time slot to review the waiver, rules, regulations and get fitted with appropriate safety attire.

  11. Participants should come wearing appropriate attire including:  long sleeve shirts, long pants and closed toed shoes.  This is MANDATORY to participate no exceptions.

  12. Only 4 persons Max may be allowed to enter the Rage Room at Splatter N’ Rage LLC., at any time.  The remaining members of the Group will need to remain outside and can watch through the safety glass you will be able to see what is going on or hang out in one of our lounging areas. You can take turns rotating in and out of the Rage Room during your allotted time as long as there are no more than 4 participants in the room at one time.


When Inside the Room 


  1. Only swing at or throw items in the direction of the target wall or at the floor.  Throwing or hitting items in any other direction may result in removal of Rage Room and Fine if there is damage that occurs with no refunds of unused time.

  2. Use good judgment and pay attention to your surroundings. Watch where you are swinging to ensure the safety of your party in the Rage room.

  3. Keep Safety Equipment  on and sleeves rolled down at ALL times. If you are found not following this guideline you will be warned once and removed without refund for unused session time.

  4. All activities in the room will be monitored through video cameras by our venue attendants.

  5. No throwing of the Wrecking tools or using wrecking tools to hit the walls directly removal and  or fines will be charged to you for any damages caused.


Once the session is Completed 


Participants will leave all demolished material and smashing instruments in the room, exit and place their hard hats, safety glasses, Tyvek suits and Kevlar gloves in their appropriate containers.


 What You Will Wear 


Mandatory and Optional safety equipment:

Safety Glasses - Mandatory  (We provide)

Closed-toed shoes - Mandatory (Please Bring Yourself)

Protective Kevlar Safety Gloves - Mandatory  (We Provide)

Long Pants - Mandatory (Please Bring Yourself) and  (We Provide ~ Tyvek suits for additional protection)

Long Sleeve Shirt - Mandatory (Please Bring Yourself)

Hard Hat - Mandatory (We Provide)

Face Shield - Mandatory (We Provide)

Ear Protection - Optional (We Provide)

Dust Mask - Optional (We Provide)

Shoe Booties - Optional (We Provide)


Splatter Paint Safety

  1. *Have Fun

  2. *No Running

  3. *No food, balloons, or decorations in Splatter Paint Rooms.

  4. *Eye protection must be worn. (we do provide)

  5. *No climbing/standing on tables, walls, chairs, etc.

  6. *No outside art supplies

  7. *Do not throw/shoot or pour water. This destroys the floors, walls, stereo equipment, and electrical.

  8. *Do not change clothes or clean paint off yourself in our bathrooms. It needs to stay available for people to use as intended. We have a designated clean up sink and have no place for clothes changing. 

  9. *The person that books has to be in attendance for the duration of the booking. 

  10. * The Splatter Room safety requirements are that guests be wearing safety glasses & shoes (open toe are okay).  Water shoes or sandals may be worn in the splatter room, but you must change into closed toed shoes when inside other areas of the facility and Rage Rooms.  

  11. *Paint is washable but we highly recommend wearing clothes guests don’t care about, just in case.

  12. * Guests will be provided with safety Glasses, canvases, paint/paint guns, and paint brushes,  ( Optional ponchos, shoe covers, & gloves).  Additionally, White Shirts can be purchased. 

  13. *You may bring your own hair nets/shower caps or protective equipment.

  14. * Guests may listen to their own music on a provided speaker. 

  15. * Guests may also paint/splatter the canvases, walls, and each other.  

  16. * Any Guest who leaves any profanity on the walls will be charged the cost of   removal and end their session early  with no refund and / or permanently banned depending on severity. 

  17. * Minors ages 8-14 must have a parent/guardian present in the building to participate, but they do not have to be in the splatter room with them.  Minors age 7 and under must have a parent/guardian in the splatter room with them as a participant.

  18. * The splatter rooms have a window to watch through visible from the waiting area outside for guests who are not participating.

  19. * When the session is done there will be an area in each splatter room to dispose of ponchos, hair nets, booties and clean off shoes before entering back into the common area. Please make use of this to keep the messy fun in the contained area.

  20. *Place your used supplies in designated dirty supply areas.

  21. * Adults are expected to enforce the above rules for your enjoyment and safety.


***Also, plan for transporting a wet canvas. Your masterpiece won’t be dry for at least 24 hours. 

Image by Neil Su
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Image by Brian Lundquist
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